Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Prussians are coming!

I thought that I would give you another update to what I have been doing. Well I have just come back from a week’s holiday which was fantastic with lovely sunny weather all week.
I took a trip to my favourite toy shop in Norwich, Norfolk UK and looking at all the boxes of soldiers, I was tempted to buy a couple of boxes.
They are HAT’S French Line Hose artillery 8039 and another box of their French Limbers 8205. Also while I was away, I picked up another two tins of paint and a bottle of PVA glue. So it turned out to be a very expensive week.

The Humbrol paints are now £1.60 pence each but I can pick them up for £1.35 pence each. Not much of a saving as this time last year they were £1.25 pence each.

As you can see that I have started to paint up the Prussian Foot Artillery from Hat. These are not bad figures although they have left off their coat-tails detail on their jackets. I have painted up all the four guns with this set and have started on some of the gun crew. As with the first batch of 12 Prussian Landwehr figures that I started this year, well I have not touched them now for a month, but hoping to restart soon.
Again this month I hope to put another general on the Marshal and General page which seems to be getting a lot of attention.