Friday, 14 September 2012

What to do next?

Now quite a lot of the wargame bloggers have told us what they are starting on the work bench for this month September. Well I have never gone down that road as it would take me more than a month to finish the list. In fact it would take me more than a year. So with the near completion of the Prussian Dragoons what is on my too do list.

Well I have been looking at my long list of figures to paint and I have now decided to paint the 1st Carabiniers of the French army. The figures are from Italeri and although I have painted figures in cream, grey light blue and tan plastic, never have I painted figures in silver before? Well as long as the prepping is done well, I do not really see them as a problem to paint these I hope.

Now doing some research on these, I still find that lots of people have lots of opinions to what uniform they were wearing on that day at Waterloo. Some say they had all white tunics and trousers while others say blue, some even say blue tunics and grey trousers. I will still do some digging around on this as I am not going to start painting these until I have finished the Prussian dragoons.