Thursday, 10 January 2013

Well done Model Hobbies

Well how’s that for service. I ordered my very first figures from Model Hobbies on Friday and when I got home on Tuesday night I had a card through the door from the Post office to say that they could not deliver it and its waiting back at the local Post office. Yesterday I picked up the package from the Post office on the way home from work and was really pleased with the order. The only problem with the order is that four of the seven boxes had been crushed in the box when they were packed. Other than that, I am well pleased with the order and will order some more via Model Hobbies in the future.

So what did I order, well they are all from the new HaT Napoleonic range three boxes of 8174 Brunswick Cavalry in grey plastic, two 8197 Prussian Hussars also in the grey plastic, one 8279 Nap, Mounted Officers in cream plastic and one Nap, British Command 8304 in red plastic and they are all in the new soft rubber/plastic that HaT have been using for some time now.

I must say that all of the figures are sculpted well and the details are all very clear with hardly any flash on them. So it’s time to get my finger out now and start my 2013 painting.