Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Ageing French Elites

After waiting nearly seven years for the “French Elites in Greatcoats” which are going to be produced by HaT Industries, it looks more likely that I will have to wait another year or so.
Back in January 2009 HaT announced that they were going to bring out the French Elites in Greatcoats in 1/32nd, 1/72nd scale and even in 28mm. Much joy there was when they announced them as no other company has produced such a set, other than Revell’s set 02570 French Grenadiers in Greatcoats. The first masters were shown in Jan 2009 box number 9310 French Light Infantry/Elites in Greatcoats which had marching and action figures and set 9311 Elites in Greatcoat Command which had an officer on foot a drummer and four NCO’s. Great so far?
These 1/32nd sets came available at the end of 2009/ early 2010 but then there was no news on the other two sizes that they were going to produce and they were dropped from their listings. But good news in March 2016 the 1/72nd sets are back on but there was no sign of the action or command sets. Box number 8234 is now Elites in Greatcoats but only in marching possess.  Oh well but I still want them and they should be out some time this year.
Now in 2017 the set is still being produced but it has now been taken over by the new crowdfunding idea for three 1/72nd Prussian Landwehr sets one marching (8309) one in action (8310) and a command set (8311).  Don’t get me wrong they are very good sets but I want my Elites more than more Prussians.

Hat have slowed right down on production over the last couple of years but all the other plastic companies are doing the same in this economic crises that we are in. Still I hope that the Elites will be in my army soon and another set that has been on Hat’s list for a while are the Brunswick Infantry. Now that’s another story.