Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wagons Roll

While I have talked about using wagons on the battlefield table, I thought that I would show you my only two of the four wagons that have been painted way back in the 70s. These are the Atlantic ‘Pioniers Wagons’ set number 1052. This set is very hard to find as the company went out of business in 1984 and they are very expensive if you wish to purchase some on the Internet.

As I have said that these are my main wagon supplies for my army back then and even now. The set contained four covered wagons made in brown plastic each pulled by two oxen. These were then a great set to have which also included barrels shovels and pick-axes and a little lantern which could be attached to the back end of the wagons which I think was a nice touch as shown in the pictures. 

The other two wagons in the set have yet to be painted and with some spare Airfix French Line Artillery horses I am going to change the oxen for horses. As you can see that they could be for any army as there are civilians from the set driving them.