Sunday, 22 October 2017

SELWG 17 Report

For the very first time I have now been to three wargaming shows in a year and SELWG will be my last of the year.
SELWG was once again at the Crystal Palace Sports Centre and on a sunny and windy autumn day I arrived at about 11 am. The entry fee was once again just £6 and picking up my programme I set off, as I usually do to visit the trade stands and the Bring & Buy stand. Here there seemed to be quite a lot of people taking a good look at what was on offer, so I went away and returned later when the crowds had died down a bit. One thing that was a bit sad was to see where the Harfield stand used to be a empty space where once they traded on the concourse. 

Main Hall
Down in the main hall, there seemed to be more people at the show than last year and the trade stands were very busy. I was hoping to pick up a box of the “Waterloo 1815 French Dragoons on Foot” that are now on sale but no such luck. having a look around there were no stands selling any HaT figures this year which was a great shame. Again this year there seemed to be more traders selling 28mm figures than 20mm but that is down to today’s trends I guess. Traders selling terrain is also dropping off as more and more wargamers are now making their own. So although I did take some war funds with me, there seemed to be nothing that I fancied. So back to the Bring & Buy stand to see if I could have a better look. There was a lot on offer here from figures and tanks to terrain and books, but nothing for me this time. The show seemed to be better than last years but there were a few traders and wargaming clubs missing in the space’s that were around. Still this could, I hope, change for next year’s show. I left the show at 2 pm. for home on a fantastic sunny autumn day.

Gravesend Wargames Club - WWII

Loughton Strike Force - Napoleonic's

Redoubt Enterprises - ACW

Deal Wargaming Society - WWII

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