Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Birthday Goodies

Well my Birthday has been and gone and I have a few more pieces to add to my wargaming collection from Birthday presents.
First up top left hand corner of picture is five packets of bases from “Products for Warganers”. I might get round to basing my figures one day. Some more “4Ground” Mature orchard trees. To add to the other packet I got last year at SELWG to make two small or one large orchard. Again from “4G” a laser cut Corduroy Bridge in 15mm. This is so my bridges are not all to one scale. From “Debris of War”, two packets of medium hedges. These really do look great and I hope to use these as my orchard boundaries. I thank my family for the presents although I was with them when they got them at SELWG. 

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