Friday, 30 October 2009

Birthday Boy

I really do feel sorry for my family when it comes to my Birthday and Christmas.
I know what presents I want in the way of boxes of soldiers or books but if I can not find them in model shops and book shops, then what chance have they.
Still I have done very well this year as I took my partner to SELWG just gone and told her what I wanted.
So as you can see I was given this fantastic book called “NAPOLEON” by Matthew Fletcher.
It has a complete set of rules and army list with painting guides for your Napoleonic armies. A wonderful book full of coloured pictures all the way through. A must for Napoleonic fans.
Another book I was given was TOUCHING HISTORY by Paul Darnell. This is Issue 1-terrain and modelling for “the Napoleonic Spanish Peninsular War”. So it’s all about making terrain for your tabletop and boy I can not wait to start on my terrain projects.
Also I was given a nice little one arch resign bridge already painted by Battlezone. I also received some HMV Vouchers and a West ham piggy bank. Thanks to my family.