Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Napolenonic Source Book

Published by Arms and Armour

Pages 414 plus covers

Originally published in 1990 and written by Philip J Haythornthwaite, this book that is now in my procession has been re-printed back in 1999.
If you can recall, I found this book in a charity shop for a bargain price of just £3.
For most of the wargamers of this world, this book is there bible for uniforms and information, hence the title source book.

The book is packed from cover to cover with a load of information about Campaigns, weaponry, the nations involved and their commanders, plus there is over 200 illustrations including maps and charts. The only downside to the book is that all the illustrations are in black and white.

I must admit that after all these years of searching through books and now the internet that this book has filled in a lot of blanks about uniforms for me.

In the Campaign section it covers the periods from the French Revolution right through to Waterloo. The Weaponry deals with all the three arms, including their strategy & tactics both on land and sea. The warring nations deal’s with their armies and their leaders including medals. Commander’s is all about the commanders at that time. This book also has over 700 period and technical terms which is very useful.

In all you should have this book in your collection but not necessary your bible.
With all the reference books out there, it would be nice to have just one book with all the facts and figures that you need. Still I am very glad that I found this book.