Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Airfix Waterloo Farm House - Part Two

The next time that we see the farm house from Airfix came in 1975 when it appeared in the “Waterloo Assault set”.
I can remember how impressed I was with this set as not only did it have the farm building again in a grey plastic but it now came with eight boxes of figures including two civilian wagons and accessories.
The figures came from all that they had produced for the Waterloo Battle to date. There was one box of each of the following the French had Foot Artillery, Line Infantry, and Imperial Guard which was their new set that year and one set of cavalry the Cuirassiers. The British had Line Infantry, Highlanders, Royal Horse Artillery and Hussars. No Prussians figures were in this set as they had not been made then. The wagons were new from Airfix and unique as they were not produced in their own set. The Accessories included barricades and supplied for the two wagons with two civilian wagon drivers, as they would have been employed by the British army at that time to move supplies around for them.
I can remember this set being out for a long time before it disappeared and then in 2008, they brought it out again but this time called “The Battle of Waterloo” set.
This set had now grown into one hell of a set to collect. Everything you needed for your Waterloo Battle. Not only did it have the farm house and all of the 8 sets of figures from the previous assault set and the two civilian wagons with accessories, but now it came with a plastic base for the farm house, paint brushes and paints. This set also included a box of the Prussian Infantry, which was Airfix last Waterloo set ever to be produced by them. No doubt that this set will make another appearance very soon as the 200th Anniversary is coming up in a couple of years’ time. Now would that be great if it had contained a new set? Roll on 2015.
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