Tuesday, 19 January 2016

WATERLOO By Tim Clayton

Published by Abacus (2015)

Pages 680 plus covers

First Published in 2014 by British publishers Little, Brown Book Group, "Waterloo", four days that changed Europe's destiny contains seventy-six chapters set in three sections. 
They are Part One: Preparations which is all about Napoleons escape from Elba on 26th February 1815 to the horror of the British Government. His journey through France and how he picked up his supporters on his return to Paris. Wellington waiting to invade France with the Allies for early July, and much more. 
Part Two is all about The Invasion of the Netherlands. The France army gets their marching orders and cross the border. The slow march through Charleroi as the Prussian outposts pull back and the taking of all the villages on their way. The Prince of Orange at Quatre Bras with the Battles of Ligny and Wavre. 
Part Three is all about The Battle of Waterloo.

From newly discovered sources of letters and diaries from The Emperor Napoleon, The Duke of Wellington, and from ordinary officers and soldiers of the three armies. It tells the story of the four days of the Battle of Waterloo with its extreme weather and brutal fighting. The book also offers two sections of full colour pictures with black and white maps of the battlefield at certain time; the author makes the fog of war central to the narrative as we are thrown into the chaos and din of battle. The last greatest battle of the horse and musket period. This book is great for information as the French advanced through Belgium again it is great for setting up little skirmishes to the larger battles.